Australian Hot Rodder 3
  • Australian Hot Rodder 3

Australian Hot Rodder 3


'32 roadster; '33 coupe & '33 tudor; '32 Sports coupe; Drag race legend John English; 1966 Dragfest; Surf Buggie T-bucket; '40 Ford sloper; hot rodding legend Andy Morris; '32 roadster built in 1953 and more


This issue includes

Race 'N' Road Star - In the 1960s Tony Mullen's channelled '32 roadster was the fastest hot rod in the country

California Dreamin' - Living the California dream in Australia was tougher than Graeme Blaby imagined - '33 coupe

A Beater Life - When the Californai dream faded Graeme Blaby turned to an earlier time for inspiration - '33 tudor

Pass Master - John English was one of the dominating figures of early Australian drag racing

Little Sport - Then and Now - Ern Harewood's '32 Sports coupe was one of the prettiest hot rods built in the '60s

Surfin' T - The Mitchell brothers' iconic Surf Buggie T-bucket is alive and well and back on the road

Drag Feast - How six Americans kick-started Australian drag racing in the 1960s

Andy's Formula A - Tasmanian hot rodding legend Andy Morris's wild Model A tourer was a hot rod like no other

Mighty Megaton - A stunning '60s show winner has been transformed into a thoroughly modern cruiser - David kracht's '40 Ford sloper

Show Time - Shows have always allowed hot rodders to display their skills in public - The roots of our early hot rod shows

Thomas's Flyer - Peter Thomas's '32 roadster is one of the earliest hot rods built in this country