How To Paint Your Car On A Budget


Paint your own car at home in your garage. Bodywork and prep techniques, no-nonsense paint product advise, must-have tools and equipement, simple one-day paint jobs, colour sanding and paint care


If your car needs new paint, or even just a touch-up, the cost involved in hiring a professional can be more than you bargained for. Fortunately, there are less expensive alternatives - you can even paint your car at home.

In How to Paint Your Car On a Budget, author and veteran DIY hot rodder Pat Ganahl unveils dozens of secrets that will help anyone paint their own car.  From simple scuff and squirt jobs to full on door jambs and everything paint jobs, Ganahl covers everything you need to know to get a great looking coat of paint on your car and save lots of money in the process. This book covers painting equipment, the ins and outs of prep, masking, painting and sanding products and techniques, and real world advice on how to budget wisely when painting your own car.  It's the most practical automotive painting book ever written.

Topics include:

Must have tools and equipment

Bodywork and prep techniques

Simple one day paint jobs

No nonsense paint product advice

Color sanding and paint care

And much more!