Full Bore Sheet Metal


Full Bore Sheet Metal is a very readable "Information" book that is for anyone who is doing or interested in doing custom sheet metal fabrication. The book is packed with useful information, full color pictures as well as many tips and tricks.


Full Bore Sheet Metal is a very readable "Information" book that focuses on the custom sheet metal shaping /fabrication industry. Bryan Fuller is the owner of FULLER HOT RODS and also the host of the SPEED channels Two Guys Garage. Mark Prosser teaches welding and fabrication at a Wisconsin technical college. The two of them have come together to create a very informative book that is presented in an amusing and engaging way.

Written by: Mark Prosser & Bryan Fuller.

152 pages paperback and full colour photographs

Chapter 1 - The Rules
Chapter 2 - The Tools
Chapter 3 - Hammer Forms And Bucks
Chapter 4 - Welding
Chapter 5 - Metal Types
Chapter 6 - Metal Finishing
Chapter 7 - Project 1 - Rune Headlights
Chapter 8 - Project 2 - The Soriano Tank
Chapter 9 - Project 3 - The Cafe Racer
Chapter 10 - Project 4 - '33 Ford Door Skin Project