Building the Chevy LS Engine
  • Building the Chevy LS Engine

Building the Chevy LS Engine


This is an engine rebuilding and modification guide that includes sections on history, engine specs, disassembly, cylinder block and bottom end reconditioning, cylinder heads and valvetrain reconditioning, balancing, step by step engine reassembly, torque values, and OEM part numbers for the popular Chevy LS series of engines.


The LS generation of Chevy/GM engines has set new standards for engine performance in the enthusiast and racing worlds. Engine builder and writer Mike Mavrigian has written a complete handbook featuring a 625 HP buildup of an LS2 with part numbers, clearances, specifications, full assembly, and dyno test results.

The procedures and aftermarket performance parts selections in this example also apply to all LS engines, including the LS1, LS6, LS2, LS3 LS7 and LS9.

Other topics include:

Overview of LS Engines

OEM and aftermarket blocks

OEM and aftermarket cylinder heads

Bore and stroke combinations

Bottom-end prep

Cylinder head reconditioning and rebuilding

Step-by-step LS2 performance build

LS camshaft theory

FAST EFI upgrade