The Classic Chevy Truck Handbook
  • The Classic Chevy Truck Handbook

The Classic Chevy Truck Handbook


This essential guide for owners of Chevy Trucks build from 1955 through 1960 provides step-by-step instruction on frame and chassis cleaning, suspension rebuilding and upgrades, rebuilding steering, upgrading brakes to front discs, rebuilding the engine, cooling system upgrades, transmission choices, electrical rewiring and much more.


The Chevy pickup trucks built from 1955 through 1960 are America's favourite classic trucks and highly prized and sought after by enthusiasts worldwide. Author Jim Richardson offers this essential guide for owners of classic Chevy trucks interested in rodding, rebuilding, restoring, repairing and upgrading.

Includes how to:

Super-tune engines for torque and horsepower

Rebuild, update and upgrade suspension

Rebuild and improve steering

Upgrade brakes and install front discs

Port heads for power

Rebuild and upgrade the driveline

Add cooling system upgrades

Install airconditioning

Choose a transmission and rear end

Upgrade electrical wiring

Rebuild beds and do show-quality bodywork