Rodders Journal 77 (A cover)


'60s Style fuel Coupe; The Eddie Dye Roadster; customised Artwork; '29 Ford Tudor; Petersen Photo Archive; Ins and Outs of Fuel Tanks and Caps;


Blue Velvet - Gas Monkey Garage Builds a 60s-Style Fuel Coupe for the Street
A Roadster Reunited - The Eddie Dye Roadster: Under Restoration and In Baremetal
Wheels Are Everything - Mark Kawanos Customized Artwork
Restoration Redux - Vern Tardel Hot Rods a 29 Ford Tudor
The Petersen Photo Archive - Never Before Published Photos from Hot Roddings Past
Customs Revisited - Jim Walkers Traditional Post-War Customs
Get Your Pictures! - Mid-60s Detroit Autorama Photography Portfolio
Fuel for Thought - Exploring the Ins and Outs of Fuel Tanks and Caps