Classic Truck Performance Issue 3
  • Classic Truck Performance Issue 3

Classic Truck Performance Issue 3


1958 Ford F-100; 1983 Chevy; 1956 Chevy; 1952 Chevy; 1946 GMC; A true bolt in 9 inch rear end; Choosing proper charging components; The OBS 5/7 Super Drop part 1; A classic C10 instrumentation update; A clean slate oquarebody chassis; 


Dan Bouchard 1958 Ford F-100
Chris Cerce 1983 Chevy
Steve Metcalf 1956 Chevy
Mike Farley 1952 Chevy
Jason Davis 1946 GMC

The Epitome of Convenience: A True Bolt-In 9-inch Rearend
Current Conditions: Choosing Proper Charging Components
Droppin" It Ol' School: The OBS 5/7 Super Drop, Part 1
Perfection, Improved: A Classic C10 Instrumentation Update
New Foundations: A Clean Slate Squarebody Chassis

Oct/Nov 2020