All Chevy Performance Issue 10
  • All Chevy Performance Issue 10

All Chevy Performance Issue 10


Jay & Erin Doleshale 1967 Pro Street Chevy II; Mike Friend 1968 Camaro; Henry Shelton 1974 Nova; Shawn Rhyne 1970 Camaro RS Z28; 21st Napa Auto Parts Syracuse Nationals; Short-Block Wrap Up; LS Chevelle Swap; Horsepower from nothing; Stepping up Stringray power; Continuing with Carbs



Out of the Ashes - Jay & Erin Dolehsale's 1967 Pro Street Chevy II

Hillbilly Deluxe - Mike Friend's 1968 Camaro

My Way - Henry Shelton's 1974 Nova

Trading Up - Shawn Rhyne's 1970 Camaro RS Z28


21st Napa Auto Parts Syracuse Nationals


Short-Block Wrap Up - A good engine build starts at the bottom

LS Chevelle Swap - Part 1: Details on replacing a small block with an LS and 4L60E

Horsepower from Nothing - We test to see how much power you can make simply by creating a vacuum in an engine's crankcase

Stepping up Stingray Power - Nitrous and other tricks to juice up the C8 Corvette

Continuing with Carbs - Keeping things simple with the new AVS 2 carburettor from Edelbrock

October 2021