Modern Rodding Issue 22
  • Modern Rodding Issue 22

Modern Rodding Issue 22


NOW AVAILABLE 1958 Chevy Yeoman; 1939 Ford DeLuxe Coupe; 1964 Buick Riviera; 1932 Ford Highboy Sedan Delivery; 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am; How to Tig Weld; America's Most Beautiful Roadster for 2022; Keeping the patina look; Hydramax; 12V electric vacuum pump kit; Easy install to insulate



Yeoman's Duty - Derek and Eileen Eisenbeisz's '58 Chevy Yeoman

Coupe du Jour - Marv Shetler's '39 Ford DeLuxe Coupe

Coastline Cruiser - Bill Ganahl's '64 Buick Riviera

That Old-Time Feelin' - Richard Graves' '32 Ford Highboy Sedan Delivery

"We're Gonna Do What They Say Can't Be Done" - Chris Ryan's '78 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am


How to Tig Weld - The correct equipment, coupled with patience and practice, is the key by Ron Covell

Beauty is More Than Skin Deep - A look under the hood of Ameria's most beautiful Roadster for 2022

Off with the Old and on with the Old - Keeping the patina look by swapping roofs

The Hydraulic Clutch is a good idea, using the Hydramax is... - ... A Better Idea

Sometimes it pays to be in a vacuum - The need or a supplemental vacuum can be easily resolved with a 12V electric vacuum pump kit

Precut way to Insulate - Easy install wows show crowd

July 2022