Hop Up Vol 13 No. 4


The Fine Art of Re Surfacing; RPM Nationals; 1948 Pontiac Streamliner Silverstreak; Billy Crewl's Roadster; Dual Flathead powered Pickup; '34 Ford Coupe; Channelled Model A Roadsters and much more


The Fine Art of Re Surfacing; RPM Nationals; The Road Less
Travelled - Kris Lowe's 1948 Pontiac Streamliner Silverstreak; Honey Dew -
Diana Branch & Family; Calori Honor - Billy Crewl's roadster; Kenz's Angel -
Bill Kenz's dual flathead powered pickup. High School Sweetheart - Paul
Gauvry's '34 Ford coupe; I Bleed For This - Bob Bleed Merkt's channelled
Model A Ford roadsters; Inception - David Heer's '33 Ford roadster; Le Hot
Rod (or) Le Tradionaliste (or) Le Chef D'Oeuvre (or) Objet D'Art - Didier
Soyeux's Model A coupe. Resurrection - Keith Weesner's Model A Ford