Performance Welding Handbook


A comprehensive guide to  welding equipment, making error free weld joints, Tig, Mig, gas, plasma cutting with charts and over 230 photos to illustrate the techniques used.


Performance Welding is a comprehensive guide that will help you not only choose the right welding equipment and make error-free weld joints, but it also offers tips on working with all kinds of metals in a variety of welding processes, including Tig, Mig and gas.

This updated edition even covers the world of plasma cutting - a popular technique that has revolutionised metal working by allowing expert fabricators to use a very high temperature flame to cut more cleanly than with an oxyacetylene torch.

Author Richard Finch explains all these advanced techniques in his text and illustrates them with more than 230 photos. He also provides charts that offer essential information on welding rod options, welding alloys for aluminium and magnesium and fluxes.

Chapters include:

Comparing Welding Processes: Tig, Mig and Oxyacetylene

Shopping for Welding Equipment

Fitting and Cleaning


Tig Welding 4130 Steel Tubing

Tig Welding Aluminium and Magnesium

Mig Welding Steel and Stainless Steel

Mig Welding Aluminium and Magnesium

Gas Welding Steel and Stainless Steel

Gas Welding Aluminium

Plasma Cutting

Welding Shop Safety

Welding Suppies: Rods, Wires and Fluxes

Sources for Meta

and more