Rebuild & Modify Rochester Quadrajet Carburetors
  • Rebuild & Modify Rochester Quadrajet Carburetors

Rebuild & Modify Rochester Quadrajet Carburetors


The Rochester Quadrajet carburetor was found perched atop the engine of many a classic GM performance vehicle. The Q-Jet is a very capable but often misunderstood carb. This book seeks to lift the veil of mystery surrounding the Q-Jet and show owners how to tune and modify their carbs for maximum performance.


The Rochester Quadrajet has provided fuel/air to the fire for many GM small-block and big-block engines.  These engines have powered a variety of classic GM muscle cars to victory on the track and street. The Q-Jet's spread bore design offers smaller primary venturis for superior fuel economy and larger secondary venturis for superb performance. Q-Jets are so versatile they've been installed on 231ci to 400ci and even larger engines.

Many consider the Quadrajet as one of the best street carburetors because it delivers an exceptional balance of performance and fuel economy. However, the spread bore design has created some confusion and misunderstanding. This book dispels the mystery by comprehensively explaining the design and operation of the carb, so you can extract maximum performance. Armed with this essential information, you will be able to select, rebuild, and modify the Q-Jet for the street, track, and any horsepower target. As such, this book includes a history of the Q-Jet, a thorough explanation of carb operation, a selection guide to find the right carb and install the best internals, and complete instructions for rebuilding the carb. In addition, extensive coverage of high-performance modifications will help a Q-Jet car to compete at any level.