Rodders Journal 17 (A cover only)


A COVER Artist Profile: Thom Taylor; Instant Classic; Delayed Delivery; The Joe Barnett Story; In Good Hands; Pebble Beach 2001; Kopy kat Kart; Ride Em, Wreck Em, and Never Check Em; New Jersey Surfari; Jack Costellas Nebulous Theorum.



Artist profile: Thom Taylor

Instant Classic - George Poteet's Brizio-built Ford

Delayed Delivery - Poteet Part 2, Not instant, but still classic

The Joe Barnett Story - Part one, Striking gold

In Good Hands - Big John Maxmanian's Corvette

Pebble Beach 2001 - Clash of the Coupes

Kopy kat Kart - Von Franco's latest time machine

Ride Em, Wreck Em, and Never Check Em - Deconstruction of a Coupe

New Jersey Surfari - a '57 Pontiac wagon

Jack Costellas Nebulous Theorum - Record setting streamliner.