Rodders Journal 18 (A cover only)


A COVER Arnett/Granatelli Coupe Tales from the Salt; Baremetal 1951 Ford convertible; Postcards from the Edge; The Last Aluminium Flathead; The Carriage House Collection; From Mansfield to Mesa; Straight axled '56 Chevy 210.



Stayin Alive - The Arnett/Granatelli Coupe

Tales from the Salt - Flathead fun and record runs

Reshaping History - Baremetal shoebox convert - 1951 Ford convertible

Postcards from the Edge - Joe Barnett Part 2

The Last Aluminium Flathead - The rarest of Ford engine blocks

The Carriage House Collection

From Mansfield to Mesa - Squeeg Jeger's taildragger custom - 1941 Ford Convertible Deluxe

Classical Cars - Straight axled '56 Chevy 210.