Rodders Journal 10 (A cover)
  • Rodders Journal 10 (A cover)

Rodders Journal 10 (A cover)


A COVER Road Trip - New Zealand; Bonneville Speed Trials; The Strode Special - Track T Roadster; Hot Rod Magazine 50th anniversary; Photos by Rick; The Real Rodfather - Robert Petersen; Job One; Crook/Bradley '47 Ford Convertible; Chopped 3 window & Highboy Roadster; Crescent Moons & Curved Glass



Road Trip - New Zealand - Offy powered odyssey

Bonneville Speed Trials - 50th anniversary celebrations

The Strode Special - Track T Roadster

Hot Rod Magazine - 50th anniversary celebration

Photos by Rick - Eric Rickman's 41 years at Petersen Publishing

The Real Rodfather - Hot Rod mag co-founder Robert Petersen

Job One - The Crook/Bradley '47 Ford Convertible

The Right Stuff - Chopped 3 window & highboy roadster

Crescent Moons & Curved Glass - Stewart Warner history.