DVD Introduction to Airbrush
  • DVD Introduction to Airbrush

DVD Introduction to Airbrush


Introduction to Airbrush provides excellent airbrush instruction for beginning airbrush artists. The techniques and principles demonstrated here can be used for all airbrush applications, and are designed to eliminate the "mystique" often associated with mastering the airbrush.


Excellent beginning airbrush instruction, demonstrating the techniques and principles relevant to all airbrush applications.

You'll learn:

The important differences between single- and double-action airbrushes and how to use them

Gravity-fed versus siphon-fed airbrushes

The mechanics and anatomy of an airbrush

How to hold an airbrush

How to master trigger control

Freehand skills

Types of masking and how to apply them


How to change colors in your airbrush

How to clean your airbrush

Troubleshooting tips

How to avoid tip dry, spidering, barbells, and paint trailing

Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes.