Rodders Journal 09 (A cover)


A COVER Road Trip; Ultimate F-100; Joe MacPherson's bare metal F-100; Artist Profile-Chip Foose; Three cars from the Paul Bragg stable; TRJ interview - Boyd Coddington; The Joe Nitti 1932 Ford Roadster; Grannis Portfolio- Surf Rods of the Sixties; West Coast Kustoms cruisin' Nationals; Terry Cook's '39 Lincoln Ze



Road Trip - Hot Rod magazine power tour

F-One Upmanship - Art Chrisman builds the ultimate F-100

Second Times The Charm - Joe MacPherson's bare metal F-100

Artist Profile - Chip Foose

The Unknown Customizer - Three cars from the Paul Bragg stable

TRJ interview - Boyd Coddington

Deep Purple - The Joe Nitti 1932 Ford Roadster

Grannis Portfolio - Surf Rods of the Sixties

Surf Rods - Woodies, Panels, Hearses & 2 door wagons

El Paso - West Coast Kustoms cruisin' Nationals

The Elements of Style - Terry Cook's '39 Lincoln Zephyr

Gratiot Scrapbook - Angelo Giampetroni's 50 years in rodding.